Effective History and Civics 8

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Effective History & Civics-8

Effective History & Civics 8 is the third book of the three part series for Classes 6 to 8. The first part of the book deals with the decline of the Mughal Empire followed by the British Conquest of India and its impact in India. It also explores the contemporary developments in the world like the American War of Independence, the French Revolution, the US Civil War, the rise of new nations and the unification of Italy and Germany.

The second part of the book discusses the various aspects of the world as a global community like sharing of goods and services, trade, war, overpopulation, poverty, globalisation and environmental concerns. It describes the role of the UN and its six major organs alongwith its specialised agencies. It also describes India’s relationship with its neighbouring countries and the role of India in South Asia and South-East Asia.


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