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India's Leading Book Publication Agency!

MSB Publishers Pvt. Ltd., is a leading name in the field of educational books for ISC and ICSE Boards. It was started in the year 2000 by the name of Morning Star and Beeta Publications. It was registered as a company, with the name, MSB Publishers Private Limited on Sept. 3, 2009. MSB is an acronym for Morning Star and Beeta. Since then the company has grown substantially and is a name to reckon with among the leading publishers of educational books. Our books are recommended and prescribed by educational institutions, affiliated to ISC and ICSE Boards, all over the country.
This company is a saga of vision, dedication and hardwork of Mr. Xavier Pinto, who started this publishing house in 2005, with the aim of providing quality education to the students through books. Mr. Pinto has been in the field of education all his life.

He has authored a number of books for school children especially in English, where he has projected ideals of cooperative learning, democratic outlook, equality of sexes, scientific temper and joy in learning. He feels that a school must not be a dead cage in which living minds are fed with food artifically prepared. On the contrary, each educational institution must be a centre for social change, scientific progress, mutual sharing and collective caring.

With this objective, he has been involved in the company in a host of activities as an author, publisher and administrator. The company is marching ahead with Mr. Pinto’s favourite quote, ‘Miles to go….’