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MSB Publishers Pvt. Ltd, is a leading name in the field of educational books for ISC and ICSE Boards. MSB is an acronym for Morning Star and Beeta Publications. Our books are recommended and prescribed by educational institutions, affiliated to ISC and ICSE Boards, all over the country.

Much Ado About Nothing (Workbook)
Much Ado About Nothing (Textbook)
The Merchant of Venice (Workbook)
The Merchant of Venice (Textbook)
The Merchant of Venice (Text with Paraphrase)
Arms and the Man(Work Book)
Total Computer Applications-10
Arms and the Man(Text with Notes)
Total History & Civics - 10
Total Geography-10
Total English-10
ISC Collection of Short Stories
ISC Collection of Poems
Total English-11
Total English - 12
Effective History and Civics - 6
Effective History & Civics - 7
Effective History & Civics-8
Total History and Civics-9
Total English-9