Effective History and Civics 6

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Effective History & Civics-6
Effective History & Civics 6 is the first book of the three part series for Classes 6 to 8. It is in conformity with the syllabus of the Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian Education which is followed in ICSE schools. The first part of this book is an attempt to take the students on a historical journey. In this journey, they can find out how the historians interpret the various sources to understand the different aspects of people’s lives, cultures, religions, conflicts and values in ancient India. The second part of the book deals with community living. It explains how man as a social being is dependent on his community, how the communities are governed and the role of individuals and community in protecting the public property.

In order to create a clear understanding of the topics, each Chapter in the book has the following highlights: the photographs, maps, diagrams to enhance the students’ interest and knowledge; Words to Know give the meaning of new and difficult words used in the Chapter; Points to Remember give an idea about the main elements of the Chapter; Understanding the Chapter comprises : fill in the blanks, match the following and questions to test as well as to revise the entire Chapter; Project Work includes map work and activities which will make the students explore further what they have learnt.


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