Total Geography 9

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Total Geography-9

Total Geography 9 is a textbook of Geography for Class IX of the ICSE course. The book is written according to the syllabus for Geography including the new units on Environmental Education prescribed by the Council. The book highlights terms, concepts and principles related to geography and its universal application. Each chapter begins with the points as given in the syllabus and the scope to project the course content.

Much of the content matter has been trial-tested in classroom situation and students’ responses have been incorporated in several chapters. The focus of the presentation has been to enable students to understand the principles involved. There is less insistence on memory work and more focus on understanding and application.

The text is extensively illustrated with diagrams, maps, sketches, photographs, graphs and statistical data as per the objectives of the Council to enable students to learn by visualisation.

The exercises given at the end of each chapter help the student to recapitulate the topics rather than be a source of stress and tension. Most of the questions can be answered orally or during interactive sessions of students. A few of them need written work. This will help the learning process.


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